One Condiment For the Rest of Your Life: Which Would it be?

Which Condiment?

  • Texas Pete

    Votes: 3 4.3%
  • Ranch Dressing

    Votes: 8 11.6%
  • Ketchup

    Votes: 19 27.5%
  • Mustard

    Votes: 8 11.6%
  • Mayonnaise

    Votes: 4 5.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 27 39.1%

  • Total voters


Business is good, thanks for asking
Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
I made a HUGE container of hab sauce once, so damn hot...well, it was frikkin hot & my cousin from Iraq (not from but that is where he calls home for now) ate 1/3rd of the **** straight out of the container with ruffles. :0

I love hot sauce/hot stuff/chiles but watching that blew my mind.
The owner of my favorite Mexican restaurant says I'm the only one who eats the entire bowl of Habanero salsa.

Sometimes I order double indian hot at a local indian place.


Rex Grossman Will Rise Again
Jul 4, 2002
Im surprised Ranch Dressing isnt running away with this thing. You can eat it on basically anything and it's awesome.
But I voted for texas pete. It's just as dynamic and versatile as ranch, but it doesnt spoil, so in the event of a nuclear fallout, you'd be able to keep some around for quite a while. Got to consider all the options here.


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
Mustard? What's wrong with people?

With eggs? A steak? Tacos?

Note to self: put fresh salsa in a bloody mary for a bonus snack when drink is finished.


Ranger LL
Sep 5, 2001
in da shed, mon, in da shed
Tabasco was not an option so Texas Pete was the next best thing. Texas Pete is just too weak, too thick and not tangy enough. I put hot sauce on many of the foods I eat and Tabasco is the most commonly available one at restaurants. At home, I use El Yucateco xxxtra hot habanero sauce but it's just not as common.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 7, 2005

not available in Canada:rant:

Good stuff. Much prefer it to cholula or other sauces of the like. If you need, I am sure I could get some up to you.

Bought a similar sauce (good flavor... not super hot...put it on anything) last time I was in P.V. Mexico for ~ 70 cents for a liter bottle.

Brought it home in my luggage mmmm!!