One man's trash, another man's treasure


Turbo Monkey
Sep 9, 2001
So, I'm helping the folks out yesterday and head out to the transfer station to dump some stuff. I went to the holding area where they keep all the metal scraps to throw away our old ping-pong table frame and low and behold I see an older lady moving around a couple bikes and then she leaves.

I walk over to check one of them out and one is a 1969 Raleigh Sports. Everything is stock, it has a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub, Brooks saddle, original Dunlop tires. This should be a fun restoration project and it should make a pretty pimptastic beer-run/pit bike.

Sorry about the pics, I'll try to get some better ones when I'm done with the project.



Nam I am
I have a Good friend who , frequents the Wellsley Dump ( a Very very affluant Town ) andthey have a give and take area . you should see some of the stuff he has pulled out and taken home ! some incrediale bikes , practially brand new , New Jerseys ( see my other thread for IAB) Practally New wheels , it is amazing what people throw out .