Onyx Hubs


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Jan 4, 2013
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Not for me, but that's a great deal.

Saw that, too. That said, for the same price, I'd pick better hubs and a good alum rim instead.


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Feb 17, 2002
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The build went well. I put them in the stand after the second ride. They were perfect. I had to tap out one of the disc mounts. Nothing major. I am not sure why the customer needed to tighten the rotors up. He is a noted ham Fister.


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Nov 10, 2005
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I had them on my xc-ish built Stumpjumper and they have suited me well. But that’s the reason I’m saying I have hubs for sale as many folks have a strong negative opinion of them.
i know for some people they are fine. i am not one of those people. i am 220lbs without gear and ride XC like a downhiller. underneath someone like me they are effectively cheese.


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Apr 19, 2013
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Just saw this thread, so a little late to the party.

Onyx classic in limited edition "Brassy Gold".

Brassy Gold.jpg

32 hole built up with Spank Vibrocore and DT Swiss double butted. Brass nipples.
Built in the spring of 2019. Not had to touch them yet, other than tension touch-up when new and even that was minimal.

I absolutely love the silence, especially with the brain-ache issues. I have seen so much more wildlife now that I am silent than when dragging a nest of angry bees along. I did still back-pedal a few times at first as a warning when meeting foot traffic. That did not work as expected. :busted: Not a big issue anyway as where I usually ride, there is no foot traffic. As for the soft engagement - I noticed it only occasionally the first couple rides when in slow tech. If anything I liked it a bit better as it seemed to soften the pedal impulse helping traction. Aint justification, placebo and confirmation bias grand?:tinfoil:
Now it just feels normal.

Next wheel-set? At this point - Yes, without hesitation, even if they are a bit mass challenged.