Optical audio problems. Klipsch powered speakers and Sony tv


Tirelessly Awesome
Jan 30, 2003
Lima, Peru, Peru
So, I got a Sony android tv connected by optical cable to a set of Klipsch pf26 speakers.

When the tv is off, every 5-15 minutes, the speakers would make a loud screech/chirping sound... even if I turn off the speakers, they would turn on themselves and do the annoying chirp.

If I unplug the optical out (or unplug the tv from the electrical plug), problem solved. No random chirping noise (which means tbe speakers/amp are fine).
When the tv is off, and the optical cable connected, the speakers wont turn off autotically neither.

Otherwise, everything is fine.

Ideas??? The chirping is annoying. I can hear them from 40ft away at 2am


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
Cables are garbage. The first thing I do when I encounter a problem that seems to revolve around any type of cable, is to try a different one.

Otherwise I'd leave the cable connected, but unplug your TV and see if it goes away. Don't most TVs nowadays look "off", but they're really just sleeping? Could just be having a bad dream...