Orange 223 questions


Jul 27, 2005
East Coast
Looking to get a new (lighter) frame this winter and have been looking into the 223 but with it being a UK based company how does one go about getting one into their hands and are the prices on the site the best you can get? I've also got a shiver and the site says the fork range is 180-200mm but I really don't want to give up the shiver..I'll end up with a wheelbase of 46 I beleive. I'm kinda thinking I don't need a 9" frame anyways.

I was reading a few posts and people complain of it bucking your feet off..I don't use clipless and probably never will, is it really that bad? If I do decide to bite the bullet I'll want one in white so if anyone out there is willing to sell their white good condition frame I'll buy, I'm 5'10, 185lbs.

If anyone else has any frame suggestions speak up, I was looking into the DHR but that cost more, also liking the The Fly although it is a freeride bike I'm sure it can hold its own.


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Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
Shiver travel is 190, no? Well, at least it is with including negative travel and such. In any case, you can just raise the crowns up and get the right height. Even drop crown it, if it's an issue.

I have never ridden a 223 but I've owned 4 single pivot frames and saying that they will toss your feet off any more than another frame. I have a Mountain Cycle 9.5 now. Similar in that it's a forward single pivot with a lot of travel. It does not pedal well in really rough stuff, but it's not a deal breaker.

Hope this helps some.


Jan 10, 2005
to my knowledge the 223 is a bit more expensive than the dhr but im not sure, sometimes your feet will get bucked off the pedals, so for next season im gonna try using 5.10's i think that will put a stop to feet jittering off.
if your looking for one used you should ask the transcend guys i got my frame from them and it rocks

also i had a shiver in mine for a short time and it was pretty sick you gotta change the hole on the shock shuttle up one and run more sag in the front to make it handle nicely but even if the handling was not as good it soaked up everything and made the bike ride alot different


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Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
I had a Shiver on my 2003 222 and I did not like it at all. The frame is so light and the heavy Shiver made the bike unbalanced. The bike rode so much better when I put a Boxxer on the bike as it wasn't nose heavy.


Dec 7, 2004
well you will not have a chance in getting a 223 as they dont make them no more the new one thats is out/coming out is the 224 which looks better,is light and all the usual stuff

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Dec 31, 2004
Santa Cruz
I reccommend the DHR, it's an amazing bike. I've seen many used ones floating around for $1000-$1500. I'd suggest you get one of those instead of trying to get an Orange or a Canfield. I also hear that Turner CS is very good.