Otis - cape cod! snow free!

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    Well Maybe Windows is Bearable ! Unix Rules !
    So Berkshire Rider , Linear1 , SplatJr and my self took a trip down to cape cod to ride otis ! Awesome ride the conditions were great! a Nice 10 Mile ride.

    First Linear says I don't care that part of the ramp is missing , I don't need it !

    then off the back end

    The Massachusetts National Cemetery was doing some expanding , so a trail was partially lost so we cut through

    Linear and Splatjr next to some Unfilled Urn Condos's

    more Urn Condo's under construction

    Linear and Berkshire rider , playing on some granite slabs

    up a rock

    My son across some rocks , not sure whats with the color

    Dead fish in the middle of the trail , not sure what is with that

    my Son , Linear1 and bershire rider launching

    Linear and my son go down the trail

    Post ride libations

    we went clockwise on this trail starting from bottom left. looks kind of like the state of vermont

    up and down we went .


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    Feb 5, 2003
    The Blackstone Valley
    A few more:

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