PA Woods Catty Jump Jam Sept 4th, rain date 5 or 6th


Turbo Monkey
Nov 8, 2001
Rumson, NJ
Cool Don! Definitely let us know when things are up and running again. Always liked USBs.
Will do - Lee and Sean did a nice job with the designs at USB - the bikes really ride well. I will be updating the news page on the USB site more often now. Probably some more trail footage with fall and more jams around the corner.

Yea that 26" frame you were rocking at catty was sweet. Loved the gusset on the dt.
Thanks! I don't know if you saw Mike's Proto 20" - he was part of our crew - raw frame with TECH 2 etch in, white seat/post and white rear hub. He was running that line we with the bunnyhop log. I can hardly ride a 20" bike but his felt great on a parking lot ride - wicked solid feel to it.

pics don, pics.

Mike posted his tech 2 frame on bikeguide. i was stoked on it. will he be building any of the usb's?
Mikey does some really nice work and has one of the most open minds out there - always looking to improve or think of new things. I saw the frame right after it was built and it looked GOOD. It was raw so I could really see the welds and HAZ areas. We've been talking a lot on it with him and I'd love to see us getting a shop set up with Mike doing his thing.