<PAIN> those of you who ride a Fixie will understand.


Nam I am
One of my mailing list I belong to, sent this alon about the World Messenger champion ships , and the the Skid contest.

Basically get going as fast as you can , and lock up the rear tire to skid the tire , only thing is these guys are on Fixed gears with NO brakes! That has just got to be brutal !

Watchout for the bottom 2 pics on the right side , they are not exactly work safe or for the faint of heart. Not sure why you'd want to race like that but I guess you can say at least he's not wearing spadex :confused:

and here is some other track racing
Just watch out for Pic #2 & 4.


Nam I am
motomike said:
fixed gear--the best security device ever. guaranteed to crash within 10 feet.

That Is so true! people have crashed on mine , even after warning them about it several times. they say Ok they understand , they get to the end of the parking lot try to turn around , and trying to coast at the same time. then the fun begins !