Palisades/Ranger Creek


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Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
We were buckin timber and cleared White River and Skookum a few weeks back. One of the guys helping had climbed up Ranger and hit snow about a mile from the shelter.

i would estimate that you could climb Ranger and ride down Palisades by now, but if you are accessing it by Corral Pass Rd. 7174 you'll hit snow still. Upper Ranger right after the steep section of Noble Nob is always the last to melt. If you don't mind "Skroggin" through some slog, you can still hit it. (Walking through crunchy crappy snow)
Jun 8, 2006
me and my buddy drove up yesterday, we were just about to the spurr road, 7150 i think it is. and we hit some patches of snow covering the road, they could easily be moved with a shovel, but we decided to turn around because my honda parked at the bottom probably wouldnt have been able to make it through for the shuttle back up.

-its crazy cause its almost july. we will be going up soon again with a shovel however and hopefully making a top to bottom run. i'll keep you posted.