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Feb 12, 2003
Nigerian man wins second chance for refugee claim after case rejected when he couldn’t prove he was gay
He provided a letter from a Toronto community centre attesting to his participation in a “Coming Out Being Out” meeting, as well as a letter from a man who said the two were in a relationship.

Still, a senior immigration officer determined that Francis Ojo Ogunrinde — who is seeking residency in Canada on the grounds that he’ll be persecuted in his native Nigeria for his sexual orientation — failed to provide sufficient evidence that he is gay.

But now a federal judge has found that the officer erred by failing to consider the “complete picture before her,” and ordered that Ogunrinde’s claim get a second look in a case that raises questions about the extent to which immigration officers should be probing the bedroom activities of claimants.
also if meusheu is repulsed, he can be granted asylum