PDC Racing DH-One


Sep 17, 2005
Hey. Im looking into buying a new bike. Ive seen a few of these knocking about and they look pretty good, and after a short ride i really liked it. However, upon inspection it seemed that the swingarm smacks into the frame on the seat stay and leaves a large dint in it at about the last inche or 2 of travel, can anyone shed any light on this? Ive had a look at a few now and they all have the same dint in the same place, even martin ogdens was the same. Were these part of a dodgy batch or something?

Ive also heard quite a lot of dodgy reports about the UK distributers when it comes to honouring warranties, and the general way that they deal with their customers, one guy even said that they actually owe him a lot of money and they wont pay up. He was in the process of looking into taking legal action.

Does anyone have any info on any of these points or should i just stay clear and buy something more mainstream like a demo 8?

I'm not sure where this bad talk of the Uk dist came from..

I know the original PDC distributor wasn't the best, but i can vouch for the guy running the show now. Dan is a top bloke, and he's bent over backwards to help me out on more than one occaision.


Jul 17, 2003
east of Seattle
I bought one of the first generation frames. Soon after getting the bike built i found out about the swingarm hitting the seat tube area. I was pissed to say the least. But after it happed once, the 2mm dent is made, it doesn't happen again. It doesn't prohibit the seatpost from going in or out. The swingarm is beefy as hell so i don't think that could ever be a problem. I also have a few minor problems that were not expected.

I called Kyle (Mr. PDC) about each problem. He made every effort to take care of my needs above and beyond what my expectations. After the issues were resolved I raced the DH One for the whole season and could not be happier.

There cannot be that many "dodgy reports" because there are only about 20 of these frames. I don't know about the UK distro as I went direct (PDC is about 7 hours drive from me).

This fall I might sell my PDC but it will be for the new version coming out. PDC did a great job on the original. All the minor mods that I could ask for are going to be done. Not sure if i can talk about the '06 DH One but it's sounds very tasty.

I will not hesitate to deal with Kyle again. He is doing a great job and PDC is going in a great direction.


Jul 6, 2005
Perhaps You should talk to Dan Cassidy before saying he is not doing things right.

Im sure he would be happy to talk to you and ease your worries.

He is a well respected importer/distributor that has done alot for the UK scene, more than some that come to mind.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Santiago du Chili
hey like 66 said, that "dint" happens, and thats about all there is to say about it, im not sure if it happens with all front triangle sizes but im sure its not more than a minor oversight and certainly not a problem functionally, structurally or otherwise, its a bike with very particular characteristics and the best would be too choose based on those alone, as i know the company itself would back you up no matter what could be going on witht their distributors.

so basically if youre looking for a big travel, low (as in center of mass, standover and bb height) and progressive bike, and neutral to braking and pedalling, bike, youd do well to take it into account.


Oct 3, 2001

As far as the rear end hitting the frame, well that's about all that happens. there was a problem in communication between the machine shop and the welders which caused the issue. Basically with those frames, it dented it once and hasn't caused a single issue since, if it did I would have recalled all the frames.

I haven't had any problems with my UK distributor to date, they have acted in the best possible manner that I could ask them too. Dan's a great guy to boot. their website is www.projectleeds.com / www.pdcracing.co.uk and you can find their contact info there to squash any heresay that might have been spread.

If you are in love with the DH-One, go for it, as we stopped producing that exact style. 66 is correct we have a new DH bike being displayed at interbike (its down to the wire time-wise), which will be our new platform for 2006.

Our new dh bike shares some of the same proven technology as the DH-One, it has been updated structurally, functionally and cosmetically. We changed some of the geoemtry (Slacker Headangle, Shorter Chainstays, Higher BB), Allowed use of a resivoir rear shock (Revox, DHX, Swinger etc), added an integrated chainguide system to the idler pulley, updated chainguide tabs to ISCG-05, narrowed the BB to 73mm, dedicated 145x12mm rear end, change tubing style to Easton RAD and dropped a good bit of weight off the overall package. I can't release photos yet, watch out at interbike ad the coming weeks after as the new frame will come in with a bang.



Turbo Monkey
Mar 22, 2004
vancouver eastside
i'm loving my fr so far, and have only good things to say about my dealings with Kyle (I purchased my frame direct). Good guy. Looking forward to seeing the new dh frame.


Nov 25, 2004
I brought a pdc freeride from dan the uk distributer a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier with the bike or the service i got from dan, he went went out of his way to helpful :thumb