Pedal/Shoe combos


Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Curious as to what you fellow Monkeys use for pedals/shoes on your mountain bikes.

I'm sort of in a transition phase.

Got Some Crank Bros Pedals in house - but need some good value shoes to complement them - not sure what I'm going to get yet.

How many of you guys go with flat/platforms still? And if you do, do you pair them up with 5 10s or skateboard shoes or what? Vans maybe? Rawleys?

My clipless experience has all been with Times (primarily just Aliums, but also with some Atac Zs). My shoes with the Time cleats are so old and worn I can't even get the cleats off to install the Crank bros cleats (hence the need for shoes)

So what are you rocking on your mtb and why?




Darth Bailer
Jul 20, 2001
Dude, send me your shipping address. I have this f'ing crank bolt I never sent to you. I'm headed out to the post office tomorrow and I want to send it to you.


Der hund ist laut und braun
Aug 22, 2001
Bend, Oregon
Crankbros - I have the candy pedals or the egg beaters on all my bikes. I wear Sidi's always. I've always liked Crank Brothers even before they were my sponsor. The Candy's have a little more platform if that whole thing scares you.


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
I run Candy's and Specialized shoes. Crank Brothers pedals seem to wear a notch in my shoes unless I use the plastic shim under the cleat. With the regular pedals it makes my foot unstable so I like the the little platform and support the candy's provide.


Eastcoast Softcore
Staff member
Nov 7, 2001
behind the viewfinder
i've been a shimano fan for about 15 years. still using some old 747s. currently using specialized shoes, but have used shimano and sidis in the past. sidis were overpriced i thought.

for DH, i use whatever generic flat pedal wellgo's got on sale, and some old axo shoes.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
I race, train, ride leisurely, on Crank Brothers Eggbeater C's with a Specialized shoe. My shoes are a little big for me (47s) and I will probably be switching to a Shimano or Sidi shoe. (If 47 happens to be your size I may have a decent deal on some specialized shoes. Haha They're comfortable, but I bought them from a crap shop before I knew anything about shoes, thus, too big.)


Turbo Monkey
Mar 18, 2002
G14 Classified
An old pair of Sidi shoes with Crank Bros pedals. Unfortunately I have 2 pairs of mallets and only 1 pair of the regular pedals. I say unfortunately because the platform can interfere with some shoes that I've tried. Right now I'm using the Sidi's (worn as fack) until I can get my greedy hands on a suitable replacement.


Sep 14, 2006
The Right coast
CB candy or eggbeaters. Worked great for 3 seasons with some Specialized Comp shoes. Wore out the shoes, going to try 661 Expert shoes next.


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Jan 27, 2005
Time ATAC XE and Nike YVR III's. I tried the Eggs on the roadie and Candys on the MTB and didn't like them. Times on both now.


Mar 14, 2005
By far these are my favorite pedals

Shimano 636

Unfortunately the no longer make them. Through the years i have stocked up on them and I have maybe 6 pair now :pirate2:

I use sette Shoes from price point. I have had SiDi's but feel are too narrow for my foot and they wore out way to quickly.
I bought a pair of Sette's "high end" shoe.. its usually always on sale for $70. It just seems to fit me right. Ive used Northwave in the past and i have yet to try any shimano mostly because of there looks


Turbo Monkey
Jul 22, 2002
Vestal, NY
All I've ever used is shimano pedals, never really had a problem with them so no need to change.

I started off on entry level Diadora shoes... they were good enough until I replaced them with entry level specialized shoes - WAY stiffer and a bit more comfy.

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
Trail: Crank Bro's Mallet/generic Answer hiking style shoes I got many years ago...god I need new clipless shoes.

DH: Atomlab Aircorp and Five Tens, tho the Aircorp developed play in 1 month of use, damn DU bushings...

Street/occasional jumping and even more occasional DS - DK Iron Cross pedals and aforementioned Five Tens.

Jeremy R

Nov 15, 2001
behind you with a snap pop
Trail = Mallet M pedals and Specialized xc shoes.
DH = Mallet M pedals and 661 skate soled SPDs
Flats = Easton Flatboys and 5.10s

I wish I had a set of Candy pedals for the trail bike.
Especially considering my SX trail is my trail bike.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 22, 2002
Vestal, NY
Do specialized shoes tend to run fairly narrow? And is there a way to get them on sale from somewhere??
The specs I have are actually wider than the diadoras I had, for whatever that's worth. Spec seems to really clamp down on pricing, so I'd doubt you'd find a very good deal on them, unless you could get last years model or something like that.


Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
I might have to try another pair of Diadoras - I got good use out of my Geckos. they fit awesome too. Maybe it is time to step up to higher level Diadoras.


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
Do specialized shoes tend to run fairly narrow? And is there a way to get them on sale from somewhere??
I'm not so sure if I'd call Specialized shoes wide but they do have a bigger toe box than other shoes. One of the reasons I like them. I have fat sausage like toes.

Mr Tiles

I'm a beer snob
Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
my longest term set up:

****mano DX platties
5.10 impact OR some DC gum soles, nothing special. Those peds stick like glue to pretty much any flat bottomed shoe...
I just switched back to shimano after riding CB on all my bikes. eggbeaters on my road bike, and candys on my fixie and XC bike. I'm back to 525s on my XC and fixie, A520s on my road bike. I use the shimano m075 shoe because it was cheap, has three straps and was very comfy. That said I have just ordered up some northwave shoes, and after looking at the samples, I am impressed.



My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
I only clip in on my road bike; Ritchey Pro pedals with Pearl Izumi shoes.

I use Atomlab Aircorp pedals on both my mountain bikes, and wear Vans Rowleys. I change shoes about every 8-9 months.


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Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Do you use that combo on all your bikes or just your DH type bike(s)
I have 2 bikes, same setup on both:
GT DHi (race bike)
Mountain Cycle Rumble SS (trail and whatnot)

I ran clipless pedals in the mid 90's, then when I got an XC type bike back in 2001, I got a set of SPD's that lasted one ride before I switched back to flats.


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Dec 25, 2003
Six Shooter Junction
Time(prefer Z-control) -- sidis or shimanos

FWIW -- I always have to drill the cleat off my shoes when I change them. My sweat is deadly to most metals.


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Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
XC- Shimano 959 on the SS, Shimano 520 on the Prophet.
Road/CX- Shimano 747 (they will not die)
DH- Shimano 647 or Azonic A-Frame (I switch back and forth. The A-Frames are the flat set I use most)

Shoes- Nike Carnerso or Adidas Plush. My Specialized shoes wore out. Stitching was coming out, buckles were kinda toast. Didn't las as long as I had hoped. I like Nike cycling shoes. I broke a set of Ligures a while back (the carbon sole cracked...they were free, so I didn't care too much) and got the Carnersos cheap on Ebay. The Adidas I've only used a few times, but they seem good for DH, trails or cold weather.

For flats I use (most often) an older pair of 5.10s. Sometimes I use Vans Rowley XLTs. Both work decently, but I prefer the surer grip on the 5.10s.