pedals and uneven leg length


Mar 3, 2005
I recently found out that my right leg is one full centimeter shorter than my left. It has really affected my road riding, especially limiting it due to pain. But now that I know the problem I can't wait to get road riding some more. I am getting orthodics for my shoes, which will work for my freeriding, but I want to build up the cleat area of my shoe for road riding and xc. Does anyone know of a company that makes such an item. I don't know if shimano does or not. Any info would be great.


Turbo Monkey
You also might want to try to look into places like SureFoot which makes custom insoles for ski boots and golf shoes - they differ in densities so the golf shoe ones might do well. I have 'em for my ski boots and they work well.

Edit: the only thing is I think SureFoot locations are isolated to ski resorts.