Penny crossed the Rainbow Bridge......


Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
About 3 years ago, we were vacationing in Pacific Grove, and wife was checking for local rescue groups. She found Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, and their front page/poster dog was a Japanese Chin named Penny. We applied online, phone messaged, and as we were walking to Fishhopper for lunch, they called and said we could meet her. When we saw her, she was ours! One of her cutest acts of many was, if you gained her confidence and she liked you, after you'd stop petting her, she'd raise her paw as if to say "no, more please". Won our hearts immediately.

A week ago, while on our walk, she drops as if to say "I've done enough". During the week, she develops troubled breathing, and isn't eating. Take her to vet Friday, e-rays show some mass by her heart, and that her heart is big for her size. What concerned me was her weight loss, and she wasn't high-pawing us. Given medicine for her, and did our best to make her comfortable.

Wake up this morning, and she's gone. Little thing left while sleeping just outside our bedroom door. 13 years old.

Why do these fur balls work their way in to our hearts, only to break them when they go to the Bridge?????
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Mar 12, 2009
Ft. Collins
Im sorry to hear that! I might have to out my 9.5 year old pup down. Hes still all there but is losing the function in his front legs. The vet hasnt been much help and i dont have 7k for an mri + spinak surgery. Im running out of ootions and he hasnt gont to the bathroom in 48 hrs

Brian HCM#1

Sep 7, 2001
Bay Area, California
So sorry :-(

Last January our 9 year old Australian Shepard developed a lump on the joint of her front right leg. We ended up having to amputate her leg and put her on chemotherapy. Unfortunately the Dr's did not know what type of cancer she had until the actual limb was removed. If it was isolated to just the joint (good cancer), we'd still have her, if it was the aggressive type it would also be in her lymph nodes (bad cancer). Well after the amputation it was determined to be the bad cancer, but at that point we already started down the rabbit hole. So 10 months of chemotherapy and $23K later we had to put her down. If we would have known the outcome of the cancer before the amputation, we may have not have gone through with it, but then again, she was a huge part of our family. Ether way, it sucks!