Peru 08', Macchu Picchu/Sacred Valley...

Wull, I just plunked down airfare to and from the big island for a couple of weeks of biking and walking on red stuff and jungle crawling. That'll do me for this year.

pigboy and I and others have been batting around the idea of doing another expedition next year and have mentioned SA as a possible idea. Active lava flows would be a major attractor, but are not a requirement. Your tour sounds interesting, and pricey.

It'd sound even more interesting if more monkeys chimed in...


Bob the Builder
Aug 24, 2004
In the cleavage of the Tetons
Actually, for the level of accomodations, culinary elements, guides, admission fees, transportation, and security, my tours are easily $1,000-2,000 LESS than any other company, IMO.

Price out an eight day tour with Backroads or Western Spirit, who don't even take you on the choice singletrack! (in the SV)


Carbon Porn Star
Sep 11, 2001
Danbury, CT
Oh man, every time you post this up, it's soooo tempting.
I guess it's been about 6 years since I've been, didn't have the bike though. Been wanting to get back ever since. Might spend some time up in the Canadian wilderness this summer though, when were you thinking of making the trip down south?

Loves me some pisco sours, got some pisco here, but it's not the same...

Noah, you shoulda come on that trip...


Nov 24, 2006
I'm heading down for the mega, can't wait!
Hey, if you want to ride more trails in Cusco send me a message. We are running a tour to race the Megavalanche and ride other amazing trails like the Lares DH. We can ride also after the race.

See you in the Megavalanche!

We are real DH/FR riders!