PHX DJ'ing?


<b>WAY</b> Dumber than N8 (to the power of ten alm
Feb 21, 2008
I know its not cool to ask openly for directions to places to DJ, but I was wondering if anyone in the PHX area might PM'ing me/showing me places to DJ. Its just too damn hot to dig all my own right now, nor do I know anywhere that it would kosher to do so.

So if there's something out there, mind helping a loud mouthed prick find a place to throw it?


Turbo Monkey
Oct 27, 2001
Avondale (Phoenix)
Sorry, I guess since there is a 300+ post thread on it on the other website I didn't think it was a big deal and the times (two both with C&L) I have been there I have helped bring in Water. That was when I lived on the West side.. I just moved to the East side and plan to help more.


Jun 6, 2008
No worries and we have appreciated the help on the past. We just don;t post public directions even in the nra threads. If they do get posted its usually by mistake. We don;t mind local people riding out there but would rather most find out by riding other local stuff and getting let in on the goods at nra.

See ya around as weather is cooling off and we will be out reshaping/fixing stuff from summer abuse and weather.