Pictures of you riding a mountain bike (Any wheelsize and type of MTB allowed)


Jun 11, 2009
East Bay, Cali
One of the flow lines at the DJ park. Pretty impressed with my homie's progression. Going from never hitting a jump to buying a DJ bike to looking pretty solid on the smaller jumps in a little over a month.



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Jan 14, 2002
Just a little riding this weekend, well, truthfully I"ve been riding my brains out over the last few weeks, so here's just one of the rides I did yesterday:


Aug 7, 2007
Douglassville , PA
me on stage 5 of the blue mountain enduro. Stupid goggles and all, it rained all day and visibility the top was about 30ft. First race for me in a couple years, I raced pro and didn't come in last on an unrideable bike. I'll take that as a success


Aug 29, 2005
shimsbury, ct
1. Are any of Killingtons new trails open?
B. Where's that rope swing?
That was my second time there so I'm not sure whats new and whats old.. first time we went, the entire right side of the mountain was closed due to some "spartan" race so we did not experience much.

This time was incredible.. gravity logic finished up Blue Magic, their blue jump trail ( kinda in between Gronk and Hawleywood at Thunder ) and it was so damn fun. The left side of the mountain/ the short lift is fun flowy stuff. The right side was awesome. we got caught in some enduro type trails ( hard to keep inertia with these big low bikes ) but we found Black Steel and some other break off trails that were so awesome.. just totally plowing through rock.

Mt Snow was the same.. some trails were closed and looked like they haven't been touched in awhile..That fun little wooden platform drop underneath the lift is gone, just a really small dirt lip. Still fun anyways

That water is the southern tip of Woodward Reservoir.. If you "Google earth" it, you will find a small dirt pull-off to parking lot. Perfect cool off


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Jan 14, 2002
Attacking the XC race two nights ago.

Really it was just goddamn bumpy, so I was holding on for dear life and the fox fork works like crap.


In the 49th state.
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Da Peach

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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
Is that a Denti-Copter?
It certainly was that day... My dentist-o-cycle was my post-Dakar gift to myself. It was the jalopy of the fleet on this trip...26"? Ewwww

I spread my max skillz on Frisby Ridge too. 3 days of riding and a bit of exposure finally got to me and I started to get a bit crashy.

(I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with this image... Doing the same as for images above, but this one won't display. WUT?)
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Sep 18, 2009
Fenton, MI
A couple of the big berms on Skyline at the Snowshoe bike park is like this. I've eaten it hard when my front tire dips below the eroded sides of the pavers and I go for a quick and hard dirt nap. Sucks. :nerd:
Have you seen it since they got 400" of rain in 15 minutes?

We just got home and you had to ride above or below the pavers on most of the berms, it was pretty washed out.


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Jan 14, 2002
WTF is attached to Your brake levers?
Glove fingers, cut off and ziptied over the levers, to reduce heat transfer during winter. Carbon bars and little details like this help, also filling in the gaps in the pogies. Some things don't matter much when it's 25F, having as much on your side as possible when it's -10F gets to be more critical.