Pike leaking?

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Willy Vanilly

Jul 27, 2003
San Jose
Hi guys,
So I'm looking for some advice on my Pike. It's a dual air, u turn unit.

Somewhat recently, I changed the seals to enduro seals. In the process, I may have slightly nicked the inners where the seals seat. I reassembled with copious amounts of suspension grease.

Anyway, since then, I have had a pretty constant amount of lubricant (grease or fork oil, I'm not sure) coming up when I ride from the air spring side seal/wiper area. It's not to the point where it drips down the leg or anything but it definitely is noticeable after any dusty rides (all of them). I thought this might go away after a couple rides but it has been that way for like 3, 4 months now.

So am I losing oil? I don't remember putting any oil into the air spring side anywhere but through the bottom. Am I just seeing the effects of putting too much grease on during reassembly? Other ideas? It's not driving me mad but I wanted to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up internally riding it this way. Thanks.


e-douche of the year
Dec 1, 2006
Denver, CO
You need just enough grease on the seals so that there is no stiction and to ease in assembly.
I would recommend taking the fork back apart, cleaning the grease off of everything and then re-grease with a light layer of slick honey. Also make sure that you soak your seals in suspension fluid.
I would also recommend the stock Rock Shox seal kit and not the enduro kit. I have not been impressed whatsoever with the enduro seals on my boxxer wc, pike, or lyrik so I went back to stock and they work much better.