Pivot Switchblade 27.5+ vs. Ibis HD3 27.5+

JD Crichton

Mar 6, 2017
I need your help!
I'm on the fence and need some input from other riders!
I've been riding Ibis for the last 4-5 seasons and recently had my large Ibis HD3 27.5+ stolen with a XO1wrks build kit. In short, loved the bike but the Pivot has me pondering a new team which hasn't happened for a long time. (Mountains of CO. - smooth and buttery to steep and gnar)

Anyone ridden both? Anyone 5'10", went with a Pivot Switchblade Medium and regretted it? Test riders out there want to weigh in? This is a big purchase so I appreciate the feedback from the community!

Thanks for chiming back crew!


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
where the trails are
I've not ridden the switchblade but several pivots and the hd3. Between those two I'd opt for the Pivot, but I'd guess large for sure. And ditch the whole plus idea. 2.4-2.5 tires are where you want to be.