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Jun 13, 2003
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Hey CO monkeys!

So this July me and two other friends are coming out to CO - I'm hoping you guys may be able to direct us towards some epic trails to ride - places to eat and drink.

Flying into Denver - looking for somewhere cool to grab dinner and drinks.
Driving to Keystone - planning on doing some downhill at the resort.

Also planning on racing the breckenridge 50.

Other then that we are planning on some hiking and still looking for an awesome fun place to ride and enjoy the CO landscape.

Any breweries - trail - food that you guys can recommend in Denver - breckenridge - Keystone would be appreciated.



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Sep 21, 2001
where the trails are
If you're flying in and driving up the same day, there are several micro breweries along the route. Get through Denver and to the foothills, hit a beer garden, and I'd be up for meeting your crew for beers/burgers/whatever.

Sounds like you're bringing both a DH bike & trail bike? Good!
Keystone is teh gnar, and there is literally more great trail riding to be had than you can imagine. Don't worry about details now, just trust and get some miles in prior to coming out. I'll ride with you guys if I'm free (or surely over a weekend)

How long will you be out here? Screw hiking, ride your bike every day. It'll be over before you know it.

There are good deals to be had on VRBO for condos at Keystone or in the area. Check Dillon, CO too; good location between Keystone and Breck, and just so happens to have a good brewery too.


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Sep 21, 2001
i honestly can't remember all the places i hiked when i lived there.
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Feb 26, 2003
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All the things Nick said.

So this July me and two other friends are coming out to CO - I'm hoping you guys may be able to direct us towards some epic trails to ride
You might be a little bit early but not too much for some really epic stuff. I tend to prefer the high country epics, some ideas can be found here: http://forums.mtbr.com/colorado-front-range/do-you-like-get-high-man-post-your-high-country-riding-photos-863775.html

Driving to Keystone - planning on doing some downhill at the resort.
That'll be fun, Keystone has some good stuff for sure.

Are you gonna be moving around a lot, or staying more central? Or are you up in the air on that as well? If you're gonna be centered in the Summit County (Breck/Keystone) area, a ride I cannot recommend enough would be Kenosha to Breck on the Colorado Trail. It's a popular, well-traveled and well-documented ride that is just killer, killer killer. So many goodness on that one, particularly the descent from Georgia Pass (11,800') down to Middle Fork... so much rocky chunky rooty goodness. My TR from the last time I rode it: http://dirtandsnow.net/2013/07/07/gettin-high-for-the-second-time-in-a-week-kenosha-pass-to-breckenridge-on-colorado-trail/

Also if you're centered in Summit you could try this out, but it was really difficult: http://dirtandsnow.net/2012/09/10/a-fine-plan-indeed/

If you're here for a while and can make it over to Crested Butte for a few days of riding, that never disappoints. There are more rides there than you can shake a broken derailer at, and most (all) of them are freaking rad. Here's a TR from a 4-day CB trip I did a couple-three years back: http://dirtandsnow.net/2012/09/05/so-many-trails-so-much-fun/

Food? Try the Mexican, it's pretty okay-ish. It's not like Cali Mexican, or New Mexican, or Tex-Mex. Or it could be all of those things. But yeah, I think we've got some good spots in Colorado for Mexican food. Otherwise, I don't really consider Colorado to be a foodie's paradise or anything. Not that we have all crap restaurants, but just nothing really screams out to me as a "you must eat this!" experience. Oh... wait. Except Casa Bonita.

Beer? You can't go swinging a dead cat without hitting like 7 breweries around these parts, just stop in pretty much any damn place and get the d@mn thing done. If you come through Golden (where Nick and I live) there are 4: GCB, Cannonball Creek, Mountain Toad, and Barrels and Bottles. All are mad decent. Plus there's riding here, so if you're through on a weekday maybe Nick or I could show you a local ride and have a beer after.


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Jan 14, 2002
I'm going to hit Trestle this week (from AK).
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