Plattekill Rocks

Dirt Merchant

Oct 16, 2003
Hilton, NY
I've been going there for eight years, and still love it!
I went Sat. with a friend, and there were only about 10 other riders;
we had the place to ourselves! Loved the mountaincross course,
and attempting wall rides, loved the new (to me) trails, the last double before the wall, ripping down "The Plunge" to get to the old side, the
way the rocks move around underneath you at Platty, the cuties that
work there, the fact that it's only $25 and four hours away, and lastly:
I loved that I was finally there on a beautiful day!


Turbo Monkey
Jun 8, 2005
dogwonder said:
I believe they actually cut new trails (or parts of trails) for each downhill race so there is no advantage given to anyone...cool concept...
sound familiar? Diablo has been doing it for 3 years.

i think it is a must anymore for a resort that is doing a race series. it is almost needed to bring riders back for more and like you said, it doesn't provide an advantage to any one person.

look out for a Snowshoe race series in 2006! ;) :thumb: