Please help me pick out a new bike for my son!


Jun 1, 2012
Hi ridemonkey members,

I am currently looking to buy a 26" mountain bike for my son, here are some criteria and details:

1) Budget: $250

2) Shortlisted bikes:

The following are all used bikes but in pretty good shape
- 2003 Schwinn Mesa GSX
- 2011 Trek 820
- 2005 Haro V3 (not too sure about the year)

The following are big box bikes. I know these are discouraged but they fit my budget and are some of the best ones available from what I've read online.
- Hiland Tempest
- Mongoose Snarl

3) Riding on mostly paved road, some cross country

4) No preference for hardtail or suspension

5) My son is 19 y/o, 150 lbs, 5ft 8.5 in

6) Will consider buying from any source

7) All suggestions for alternative bikes, etc are welcome and highly encouraged!!

Many thanks!
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Jun 1, 2012
maddog17 unfortunately I don't, there are some pro bike shops but their bikes are outside my budget.

Does anybody know how the 3 used bikes I listed compare with the Hiland Tempest and Mongoose Snarl.

All input is welcome :)


Feb 18, 2009
mbikes, I hate saying this as it sounds snobbish (and is) but this is a bike enthusiast forum so you'll find generally people don't really know much about bikes at the very low end of the spectrum. Even if they do know, in that range they are all about the same thing - shaped like a bike, has tyres and a seat - goes forward when pedalled.

As mentioned above, your best bet is going to a local bike dealership and chatting to one of the sales staff who might be able to help.