PNW's Picture thread!!


Jul 18, 2006
Above you on the podium.
That thing is a fricken tank! How do you get it in/out of your truck, or into a lift at whistler? That is quite possibly the stoopidest, yet most insanely sick bike I have ever seen! Im not sure about the cranks though, looks like they went on a diet when the rest of the bike didnt't!


Jul 8, 2004
Golly old england
hay man,

not doen any serious riding as yet, been working, but i have taken it down to a couple of local trails, and, well, all i can say is you guys have done a farnominal Job.

the cockpit is perfect, head angle [after it was built] is awesome, but i am more and more impressed with the rear end, everytime i jump on the bike to go for a spin, i can just ride knowing i have endless, uber plush travel. [better than sex...... well, nearly] i know i have alot of confidance as it is, but this just makes me feel like going just that much more insane.

if i could i would kiss the pair of you, and maybe troy, well not so much, but, yeah.

Thankyou so much for providing my dream frame = bike, I would have got out there this summer, but cant take any time off work, gotta keep ontop of staff and wearhouse dutys for ma shop.

but maybe some time in the new year?