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Mar 19, 2014
As someone who likes to consume multiple forms of mind expanding media, the documentaries thread got me thinking that we could use a podcast thread too.

So I'll kick things off with some of my favorites over this past year.

Season 2 is, without a doubt, the best podcast I have ever listened to. It is intriguing, enraging, and a heart wrenching tale of injustice.

Season 1 is good as well. Definitely worth the listen.

Season 1 is the true gem. Another murder mystery exploration, replete with police incompetence and unanswered questions.

Just a damn good, true crime story. Was riveting from beginning to end.

And now hit me up with some of your favorites. From weird, to crime, to the intellectually stimulating. Go!


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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
i just listen to podcasts about mountain biking.

  • The Inside Line (vital mtb produces this one) is my favorite. Really good interviews. And probably the most famous riders / industry folks. Recent interviews: Paul Basagotia, Cam Zink, Frank the Welder, Scott Hart.
  • Downtime is another good one. More race oriented. He does recaps with Elliot Jackson and Neko Mulally.
  • HKT is one i listen to occasionally. He's based in the UK, so its obviously geared to that scene. He's had some good interviews with guys like Ben Cathro and he just posted an interview with Wyn Masters.
  • Beyond the Tape is kind of a newer one that i've listened to one episode so far, which was an interview with Martin Whitely. He just interviewed Brook Macdonald which i'll probably listen to.


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Sep 16, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
- Planet Money - I listen to it every week
- Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (not really a podcast, but I like it and it's one of the only ones I listen to pretty much every week)
- as annoying as Malcom Gladwell is, his podcast was pretty interesting: Revisionist History. He tells some pretty entertaining stories.
- Uncivil was fvckin' great. Especially as a non-American.
- Reply All has some good episodes but it's not consistently good
- Under the Influence w Terry O'Reilly (it's Canadian and it's great! - about marketing)
- Against the Rules w Micheal Lewis
- The Energy Gang (about renewable energy and clean tech)

If you like crime podcasts, Crimetown was good, but I found it dragged on after a while. There's only so much mafia stories I can take.

- Making Sense w Sam Harris (have to choose wisely though, they can get a bit... navel gazey)
- Invisibilia (sometimes... it's not on my regular rotation)

for something a little different, I really enjoyed The Aria Code about classic opera arias.

If you like history, I found Norman Centuries by Lars Brownworth really captivating. It helps that my mom is from Normandy, so I have a vested interest. Who needs GOT, when the real thing happened (minus dragons I guess) in medieval Europe and the near east.

if you speak spanish, Radio Ambulante is pretty good. Lots of variety, high production value, and a slightly different point of view on things...


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Sep 21, 2001
jason matzoukas has one called how did this get made discussing shitty movies and how the fuck anyone would fund it.....it is supposed to be hilarious...

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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
I second JKs bike podcasts. I subscribe to most of them too. The downtime podcast is good, but I have come to hate the expression “good stuff”.

I listen to a lot of silly comedy ones.

The latest I’ve discovered is called Good One. They interview a comedian about a particular bit. It’s pretty interesting. The Tig Notaro episode is a funny one.

The Andy Daly Pilot Podcast Project is hysterical. Andy Daly is a nutcase.

Then there Comedy Bang Bang if you’re into improvised comedy at all. Episodes with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney as George and Gill are pretty funny. As are the ones with the Calvins Twins and their horse fighting enterprise.

Then there’s Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity project.

Nothing educational here.


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
Reply All. Particularly the India Scammer episodes (#102 I think?)

99% Invisible (careful if you have a Mazda entertainer center in your vehicle).

Penn’s Sunday School.

Death in the Afternoon. If you like death.

The Shrink Next Door. More of a short story audio book, but a wild story and worth the listen.