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Oct 14, 2007
Hey, i have a Industry 9 Gold hub set & cut spokes for (20mm fr) (150X12 rr) wheelset...but the problem is that I want to sell them...they can only fit a 525 E.R.D. rim...the only things that come to mind of that size is a Arrow DHX, Sun Mag 30........also a double track...but no one wants those

I know we are hitting the weight winnie era and both those rims are heavy duty.....but which one would sell better...i.e. or should i try to sell just the hubs....

your comments are very much appreciated


May 6, 2007
I used to run double tracks and they were really strong, it took alot to bend them, the only problem is they make a long clang sound when you hit rocks really hard because of the huge hollow design, more so then normal rims. Also the doubletrack and mag 30 are the exact same rim.


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Feb 7, 2004
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well it use to be that the double track was not welded and the mag30 was other than that they have always been the same rim.

some people might be thinking of the double wide and that was a big failure of a rim.
Oct 14, 2007
look basically i need to know quick...if you were to buy a wheel....and I9 wheel that had gold hubs/spokes...where you be more pushed to buy because of the durability and quality of the dhx or the ligther weight of the mag 30


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May 14, 2006
Are they 135? 20mm? XC/Enduro/DH spokes?

What kind of $ are you looking to get? There is some leeway in the spokes and I thought mag30/double tracks were closer to a 529erd?

I'd look at a spoke calc program and see what is close but I think the Atomlab pimp are around the 529 mark as well.
Oct 14, 2007
they are 524 E.R.D.....althought people might say there is only 5 mil difference between that and a 529...that still corresponds to a 2 mil difference in spoke length...now i dont know how I9 calculates and how flush they have the spokes with the nipples at that calculation but im not willing to take that chance...they are 150x12 &20mm front dh spokes [same as enduro]


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Feb 19, 2003
My vote's for the Arrow DHX's. I've had nothing but praise for their rims. Either the DHX or the FRX both seem to be very stout rims.

But you are right, it is the weight weenie era, so I'd keep checking to see what other rims you can find with that ERD and maybe build a trail bike wheelset. I know some frames take the 150mm rear that aren't full fledged DH bikes. It might be worth a shot?
Jun 21, 2007
i thought of that but in reality people are lazy...and would be less pushed towards buying them...and would only buy if they were dirt cheap
i can see your point, but only for mediocre hubs.... i would think anyone looking at i9's is going to be a pretty detailed about how their bike is spec'd.. plus it's probably alot cheaper/easier to ship just the hubs as opposed to a built wheelset.

if i were in the market for hubs i would def make you an offer for the i9's unlaced. that's just me though. good luck selling them.