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Turbo Monkey
Sep 1, 2004
Wait…how long have there been three cats?
a couple years now. charlie, hand, and irene. lift, drag, and rotation were also in the running for names.

their predecessors are under some stones in the back yard. these are from the same shelter as Lily was.

were going to get the two boys - they got in contact with mrs. scrub about adopting a third/the little female from a different litter, but of similar age. yeah. they knew we were suckers.

I Are Baboon

The Full Dopey
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
1 Year Gotcha Day today! We don't know what her birthday is, so we count this as her birthday too. We know she was "around a year old" when we got her, so if my math is right, this would make her two now.