Post a picture of your dog.


Tool Time!
Feb 17, 2002
Nowhere Man!
He's ~ 17#. Vet assurance says not to worry until he gets closer to 20. He's not on a diet, but we watch his diet.

His brother Charlie (same litter) is the same weight, but looooong taaaaall skinny. If that one bulked up, he'd be a terrifying houscat. Other this being afraid of *everything* The little female Irene (same age, different litter, adopted at the same time) is several pounds lighter and a complete badass terror not afraid of anything.
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Has Bunny feet also.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
The new couch doesn't recline like the old couch or the chair before it. So Abbey has decided she needs to sit on top of the back cushion. The wife got mad and turned the cushion sideways thinking that would stop her. Nope.


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Turbo Monkey
Mar 14, 2005
RIP Monty. You were a good little dumbass…

Chased a squirrel out into the road…

Poor little guy.
Bummed to hear of the passing of the most photogenic trail dog on RM.

I regularly walk our dog off leash in BZN/ID, and have had a few close calls with traffic and this is my nightmare scenario.



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Sep 1, 2004
Positive vibes, hugs, wet dog noses and stinky dog fart well wishes for you and yours.

It just sucks.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
The neighbors Irish Setter jumped out the bedroom window and was on the pagoda. :rofl:


I went in through the garage and latched the window, they were downtown. I couldn't figure out what Abbey was freaking out about until I saw it.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 24, 2006
Hey Guy’s,I had a bad day. I am a driver,Brand New Mack 26 foot Truck. I carry expensive medical equipment.

If there is 1 thing I learnt about Human’s,it is that they Do Not Drive over Dog’s on the Freeway. Today was Avy’s 3rd time to have this happen in my 56 years on Earth.

The First,in my 30’s: I was coming back to the shop in my Truck and saw 15 to 20 cars making Hard Left and Right lane changes in front of me. I came upon a Little Black Dog Not Ran over by any Car,Lifeless from what I could tell. 100 yards past that I saw an Old Man Pleading with the Freeway Tow Truck Driver to get his Fucking Dog! His arms moving,pleading,I could Feel His Pain at 60mph as I went past. Poor Sausage. My Heart was Broken.

The Second,in my 40’s: Same Job in my Car after work going home. As I was doing a sweeping right turn to Enter the Freeway,I saw this Little Dog running straight at me,again,cars swerving left and right. I called my co worker 10 cars behind me look out! He told me too late. Someone in front of him hit the Dog. I am so glad I did not see it.

Today,I am now 56: I was Driving in the Slow Lane and saw to my Right this Truck Stop on a Angle and Block the Lane,this Man Jumped out of his Truck and then I saw the Beautiful Lab with a twisted Head on the Freeway. My last visual was of him turning around to on coming traffic to stop as he knelt down to pick up the Dog and get it off the Freeway. Unreal,the Man could have been kilt! He had no second thought. I saw it Live. I wish I did not see it,or just look away,but that did not happen. It had Major effect on me.

Where was the Owner?
How could he not know?
Did he not care?
How is this possible?

I drove myself into a Frenzy within Seconds of seeing this.
I don’t know why I am soo emotional about Dog’s?

Actually,there is more to that story,if you like I could explain, but I fear you do not care or I am wasting time and bandwidth.