Post your single crown DH/FR beauties!


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Sep 6, 2001
Livin it up in the O.C.
jeff chutes & ladders small.jpg

Sorry, this isn't the usual side-on shot w/o a rider.

'07 7point frame
Totem Coil
Fox RC
Shimano XT 4piston brakes
Sram drivetrain w/ Gravity Light cranks

1 B1tchin ride!!


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Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
Here's the rootbeer hucker ;)
2003 Bullit weighing in at 36.5lbs
The fokkers fun, can't wait to get the rear shock in to Cortina though:biggrin:


Apr 12, 2002
East Coast
Holy Bleep thats alot of snow. Nice bike BTW.
Yeah, it was a rough winter here in New England, spring hasn't been much better either with temps still in the mid to low 30's most days, it feels like winter is never going to end...

As for the bike - thanks! Hopefully the weather will start cooperating so I can get some more rides on it.
Nice twin rigs. :thumb:
He can photoshop a pic of you in there and add dust to the effect for an additional charge he'll put you 8' in the air. LMAO!
That dust trail is sick! Im going to consider skidding before a pic so I can have dust too! (someday Ill go fast like you and the dust will be there!) :D


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Aug 25, 2003
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The craziest (dumbest) thing about that shot was that was the first time I'd hit that jump. We just finished it the day before and a buddy of mine promised me 20 bucks if I did a no hander my time hitting it.

You can see in the first still that I pushed the bike forward to do one........ended up pushing it a little TOO far forward :D


Jul 18, 2005
Dirty South
You took the ugliest bike in the history of the sport and made it uglier :rofl:

NOBODY will steal that thing. :D
I know! Its unlikely anyone will accidentally confuse it for their Bullet or Sunday.:banana:

One of my more 'raw' builds is on hold for the frame, still. GLC. Should look a lil more core with a side of bad ass.


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Mar 1, 2007
Champery, Switzerland
damn! you have enough forks just lying around that all they're worth to you is a bike stand?! :clue: haha i wish i had stuff like that just in case......
Haha, no, it's worth more than a bike stand to me. It is just waiting to get a rebuild but I haven't gotten around to it because it keeps snowing and I have to go ride powder. BTW, Fox helps me out a bit.


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May 25, 2006
here is my chumba f4

part list:
chumba f4 w/ floater and roco/ti spring
hayes mag+
northshore dh w/ platinum pro bb
xt 8spd w/ sram 850 11-32 cassette (to be switched to xtr 9spd/shadow/12-27 ultegra)
ringle abbah dh/alex supra d (2290g)
minion dhf 2ply (going tubeless soon)
thomson post/stem
holzfeller bars
fsa saddle
dmr v12 mag

currently 39.4lbs - but i have 215lbs of linebacker steeze, so not looking to go super light.


Had to post my single again rebuilt with its big brother the jedi!
red F1 is sitting right at 40lbs now with 2.7 front 2.5 rear DH casings and gap cranks.
Cranks are getting swapped to middleburns as well as the DH casings are getting swapped to single ply 2.35/2.5 (and a set of DH casings as back up).
Itll drop it to 37lbs.

- seb

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Apr 10, 2002
In flight :D

<insert RIDICULOUS picture here>
Ho-leeeeeeeeeeeee fvck!

How much would that have hurt if you hadn't made it to the downslope, at the pace you clearly have? A LOT! Makes me wince just looking at it!