Aug 29, 2007
I'm searching for a place to get my frame powdercoated thats close to or around sussex county. I'm not having good luck asing around so if you guys would reccomend a shop that would be great.


May 14, 2007
Waverly, NY
Just keep in mind, that depending on the color, powder coating can sometimes fade with sunlight. We powdercoated a front daylighter/winch rack gloss black for a custom truck one time and after about 6 months it looked grey from sun deterioration. Make sure you check with the facilities as to whether the product they use can withstand UV rays, After all the bikes are ridden in the sun. Another really important fact to remember that we have run into is that "tubes" tend to hold the chemical solution within them and it has a tendency to "drip" out of after the process is complete, and last but not least, make sure you have any vital measured points of the frame (points where bearing/bushing press into or screw into the frame) covered completely otherwise you will be spending a lot of time with cleaning everything out to fit bearings and such back into the frame. NOT TRYING TO DETER, POWERDCOATING IS STRONG just trying to give a couple heads up we have ran into in the past.