Prayers and healing vibes for Steve DeLay (SWD Racing) and family


Apr 10, 2007
Steve Delay, the owner and main fabricator behind SWD racing bikes, was admitted to the hospital on wednesday. He has fallen into a coma and is currently on life support as per the last update. Please send your prayers, good energy, and best wishes to Steve and his family, who is obviously going through an unimaginably hard time right now. Steve is an incredibly nice guy, and though I've never met him in person, I've spoken with him on a number of occasions and can attest to the fact that he is an incredibly nice guy who genuinely loves our sport and cares about every rider out there. This is an awesome mountain biker and a great person who is in serious need of some support so, again, pray/send positive energy his way and keep his family in your best wishes. thanks


Apr 10, 2007
Info as of 2-22, posted on SWD forum.


Quote from DaveD on Yesterday at 20:37:35:
"By way of a short introduction, I have been Steve's next door (or more precisely upstairs) neighbor and later his boss for the better part of the last ten years. Steve is a very good and close friend of mine and has been a big part of my life even though I - depsite his constant attempts to get me to be - am not a bike rider. I know most of you by reputation and from talking with Steve many times about how much he loves each of you and your wonderful sport.

I have spent much of the past couple of days in and out of the Hospital with Steve who remains in extremely grave condition. For those of you who are wondering, it is an illness, not an accident.

Please keep Jennifer, Steve's wife, and his mother, father and brother in your thoughts and prayers. This has been particularly difficult for Jennifer. She is exhausted and obviously very concerned about Steve.

On behalf of the entire Delay family, thank you for your many thoughts, prayers and the outpouring of support and love. It has been amazing to see how may people have come to see Steve and it is a testament to how many lives he has touched.

Please feel free to eMail me directly at davebowman@clearchannel.com if you have any additional questions. I will try to keep you as up to date as possible and in in keeping with appropriate protocol. Please understand that this is a very difficult time for the family, but it is very uplifting to see how supportive Steve's friends and comminity have been.

Thank you

Dave! Bowman"

If anyone else knows anything more or can give updates please do.


Jan 22, 2007
I've only talked to Steve once but he was the nicest and coolest guy from what I gathered and super committed to helping everyone in the sport. Healing vibes are sent but the guy is too much of a bamf not to bounce back.


May 6, 2007
Steve really is one of if not THE nicest guy in the bike industry, he builds great bikes and is always willing to help a fellow rider out.

Get well soon!!!


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Feb 27, 2004
just Santa Cruz...
Steve rules, super passionate about the sport, super easy going, and an all around good guy. What other bike maker goes to so many races to cheer on all the guys who buy bikes from him, all of which he knows by name...he's a stand up dude for sure!

From what I understand about Steve, he's been around the block a few times and the dude has some serious fight in him. SWD is down but not out!!!


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Oct 29, 2006
i've talked to steve via telephone on a few occasions and i can confidently say he is one of the best guys the cycling industry has, just a caring guy whose company really stands for everything mountain biking. my most sincere thoughts go out to he and his family.


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Sep 12, 2006
First met him 2 years ago at Fontana, he was very friendly and super amped for all his riders on course that day. I didn't see him for about 6 months and the man still remembered my name. That in itself is impressive and upon seeing him he say "Ian, how you doing". We saw him recently at Parkfield timing his riding and as stoked as ever. i have a pic I will post of him.

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Apr 28, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
Wow. Good vibes to him and his family. I'm shocked right now.

I rode for swd last year and Steve was very helpful through the season. He was really passionate for the sport and really supportive.

Best wishes.


Jan 9, 2006
healing vibes from canuckistan!
never got the chance to talk to him but one of my friend has, supposedly a super nice guy who is pretty laid back and relaxed, plus he makes awesome bikes! I hope he gets out ok


Feb 23, 2004
Wow! This comes as a complete shock to me.

Steve is without a doubt one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I can still remember back when I first met him at the Schweitzer, Idaho National 3 years ago. We sat down and talked bike design for a good chunk of time and he knows his stuff!

He is an awesome guy who has put so much time and love into the sport. I only wish there could be more people like Steve in this industry.

I'm pulling for you Steve! Hope to see you back out there soon!



Jan 22, 2008
San Diago
I will say a Prayer for him this morning when I do my prayers before practice runs start. I pray for everyone in teh race, But I will add Special prayer for him and his family.
good one man. Same thing here. Prayers and good vibes sent your way from San Diego


Apr 10, 2007
Steve passed today at a bit past two. Last update

"Steve Delay Update
Today at 17:31:44 Friends,

At 2:11pm today, February 25, 2008, Steve passed away. He was with his family and friends and it was peacful and gentle.

Please hold your calls, but feel free to eMail me directly at davebowman@clearchannel.com and I will be happy to put together a book of eMails for Jennifer and Steve's parents.

Thank you on behalf of the family for your thought, prayers, eMails texts and the outpouring of love and thoughts.

Dave! Bowman"

Pray for his family everyone