Pre snow storm thursday night ride


Nam I am
suppose to snow tommorow , so lets get ride in tonight.

It was chilly out , about 23.5 degrees out

there were 4 of Us , Ben-o, Berkshire_rider , and SloMoJo

We barely got into the woods when we came upon Bambi. She was a big Doe and was no more that 25 feet from us . it was amazing how close we were and she did not bolt .

Here are all Are Slomo Jo and Ben-O side by side , NIce comparision of teh light from Dual HID's against a single Halogen . Berkshire_rider is behind Ben-o so you can't even see him.

Berkshire_rider , coming down a small rooty snow covered , rocky chute.

Berkshire_rider riding down the rickety pattlets of Death

SloMoJo goes up the palletes

Ben-O getting a little bit of Air

SloMoJo same spot different angle

Well 3 of Us were running Studded tires, and a couple times they were nice , but overall I don't think we needed them ,but here is a spot were they gave some nice re-asssurance

and it may have only been 1 -2 incehs of snow on the ground, but boy did it make you work a little over 7 miles in a alittle over 2 hours.
and finally , here is slomojo , JRA



bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
i really like that rock ride, but pallettes are lame. Time to get some wood, hammer and nails Splat and make it right. Just promise me you won't make any handrails for it.;)