Presidents Day Road ride


Nam I am
Since it poured rain last night ( actually till about noon) and we got a lot of rain and it melted the 3 inches of snow cover we had , and then add to the fact it was almost 60 degrees out m there was no way the trailes were going to be in any condition to ride , so rather then destroy the trails , I grabbed my TT/Winter road Bike . I threw a Rear Fender on it and off I went.

I think this was the first time on a road bike in about 4 months , and on my time tiral Bike in about 8 months. Felt different but was feeling good. usually my Spin isn't smooth after being off the road bike fort hat long , but my spin felt quite good. I was really happy.

this is only about half of this bridge ,but it is really cool and it is going to become a Rail trail , that will be fun to ride across. ( not to say I haven't already :) )

then I went through some ofthe more well off neighborhoods of Sherborne, this is what $6 Million would buy you back in 2001. I wouldn't want to haveto cut that lawn

Then I cut over into Natick and followed teh Charles River

Here is The Blessed Mary over looking the River

the South Natick Dam, yeah there ia bit of wather going over it .

Me , at the dam

the Cochrane Dam in Dover ( near the Needham line ). this is where I really wanted to get to because just below this dam isa Kayak course where White water Kayaks havea Course . but none were out . also ther road that is next to the river floods all the time , and the water lever was only about 1 foot below the road level . already Read , the road will be closed on wednesday they expect the river to flood then.

at this point I cut back for home because now it was raining , not hard and it did not last. and I also saw a couple of other roadies out . I think they were actually surpriesed to see me.

now I cut south and would cross the Charles on last time going from Medfield back in to Sherborne .

Any one need a smoke ?

and There were 2 kayaks who had just launched and were heading up stream .

And just sort of meandered back home

for 36 Miles in 2:21 nothing record setting , but most enjoyable


The Real Dr. Science
Jul 12, 2004
Sleepy Hollar
Wow, both of those dams are potential death traps for WW boaters. Glad to hear the WW course is below the dam. (Oh yeah, nice ride too!)