Pro as an Independant


Turbo Monkey
Jan 20, 2003
New Hamp-sha
I've always felt that skiing and DH had a lot of parallels and seeing that most MTB'rs race as independents I thought this could be helpful.

Bode Miller is racing as an independent this year, (Team America), this video shows how to make it all hapen and remain sucessfull.

BTW he just recently broke the American recond for most worldcup wins with 28
"When you are thinking feminine itch, you are thinking Bode Miller anyway" So awesome, I saw USSA (United States Ski/Snowboard Association) turning the way of NORBA the last few years I raced, so I can understand Bode's dissatisfaction with the US Ski Team


Turbo Monkey
Nov 20, 2006
The Ranch
The guy is good.

I am not sure how many people could ski on the safety fence much less still finish with the fastest time:shock: