PRO-TEC Design/Function Review

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Sep 13, 2011
Hey Guys,
I'm doing some research for Vans PRO-TEC line and was hoping to get your impression on the design and quality of their products.

1) Do any of you currently own or use PRO-TEC helmets or Gear? If not what do you currently use or recommend and why?

2) What is your impression of the style and quality of PRO-TEC products?

3) What color/style/material/cost do you typically look for when buying new helmets and pads?

All comments and complaints are welcome!


Generous jaywalker
Mar 12, 2009
Hellafornia. Formerly stumptown.
Helmets dont fit well and don't seem to be well made. Too short front to back. My old Auger the rubber trim wasn't glued well, the lined popped out along the face all the time.

Pads seem cheap and not geared towards mtb.

As for what do we look for? Just look at 661, race face, fox they all make exceptionally good products.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 12, 2001
I have a set of pro-tec knee pads... they're well built and work great. Can't speak for the rest of the line.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
My kids have worn ProTec lids for years (just got my daughter her first last weekend), but they have never fit my huge melon (short front to back).


Hey little girl, do you want some candy?
Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
I've always viewed Pro Tec as cheap BMX gear, not that good. I recently tried on some Pro Tec knee shin guards when looking for new gear. It was cheaper, more comfortable and looked pretty good. It impressed me much more than the POC and Alpinestars stuff I'd just tried on.


Sep 23, 2004
Pro-Tec Gravity knee pads, best pads I've used, much more protective than 661 Kyle Strait. I have no complaints about the quality either. If you made an elbow pad in a similar style I would buy it. In black, of course. :)


Turbo Monkey
Feb 13, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Helmets dont fit well and don't seem to be well made. Too short front to back. My old Auger the rubber trim wasn't glued well, the lined popped out along the face all the time.

I like my half-lid helmets to be fairly low-pro. And Pro-Tec's design seems very bulky and wide. I wore several Pro-Tec's for a couple years because my prices on them were great. My Auger lasted all of 2 months before the trim started peeling.

As far as new designs go, I would love to see a helmet that was a mix between a skate-style helmet and an all-mountain style helmet. There are a couple companies out there doing something similar, but they are more like blocky xc helmets.

I don't know why, but I have yet to wear some Pro-Tec pads that fit well under jeans, even baggy jeans. The gusset behind the knee always pinches me. I have a set of older gravity knee pads and IPS, and then a set of really old ones of which I cannot remember what model.

I have since gotten a set of POC's and once they warm up a bit, I can't even tell I have them on.

I think the very best way to make sure your pads are fitting the masses is to take some to a skatepark and have kids wear them for the day, free product testing right there.


In heaven there is no beer
Jun 18, 2004
that's why we drink it here
I have a classic skate lid of theirs. No single-use foam just closed-cell pads. Great helmet. Not sure if they're allowed to sell them anymore because it doesn't meet standards. Perfect for a beater park helmet. The thing's probably a decade and a half old now.


Delicate CUSTOM flower
Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
Model the padding internally like that of an MTB helmet. Sticking my head inside a giant styrofoam box with a couple of strips of poofy tape sucks.

Why skate style lids have no skull oriented contour padding is beyond me.