Profix is Hiring

Craig r

Apr 15, 2006
Profix is now hiring Bicycle Assemblers, and General Labourers throughout Quebec and Ontario.

If you’re interested in working flexible hours with great pay this coming bike season we want to work with you!

We pay great rates (~$15/hour) and have flexible work schedules for students, part time employees, or full time employees.

We are looking for full or part time work. Weekends or weekdays.

Advancement opportunities are possible, and several managerial positions are open.

We are hiring throughout Quebec and Ontario – Windsor, London, Sudbury, Niagara, Hamilton, GTA, Guelph\Kitchener\Waterloo, Barrie, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville, Montreal, Laval, South Shore, Trois Riviers, Eastern Townships, Quebec City, Lower Laurentians, and everything in between!

We work for all kinds of department stores, and supply any assembly labour.

We specialize in Bike Assembly and Repair, however we work in all areas of department stores with other assembly positions and labouring.

Some basic mechanics skill is required, and any shop experience is preferred.

There is work available right away.

For more details visit us at www.profix-assembly.com

If you are interested in this, call or e-mail us with the information given below. We will put you in touch with the correct regional management.

South Central Ontario (West of Ottawa)
Craig Robinson
Phone – 416-961-0040
Cell – 416-833-5435
E-mail – profixed@hotmail.com
Website – www.profix-assembly.com

Ottawa and Quebec (East of Ottawa)
Sean Brown
Phone – 514-993-9356
E-mail – profixed@hotmail.com
Website – www.profix-assembly.com