Progressive 5th Element....What to do


Dec 19, 2006
Millis, MA
Brought my bike('04 Santa Cruz Bullit) into the shop a couple weeks ago to have the boingy parts looked at. Got a call yesterday that Progressive is no longer working on MTB shocks and the company Progressive recommended, GarageWorks doesn't seems to be answering their phone.

So my dilemma is that I don't know if I should pursuit the rebuild option and continue to be without a bike for a while or should I just spring(no pun intended) for a new shock?

There's also a great thread about some folks rebuilding their own 5th elements which would be an option if I bought a new shock.

Would love to hear from some Bullit owners about replacement shocks as well as anyone who's had problems attempting to rebuild a fifth(or any shock for the matter.)


Pig my fish!
Staff member
May 23, 2002
check out avalanche. They currently (or soon) do a rebuild/upgrade for a 5th element. I would suggest either that, having it rebuilt using the method in the downhill section (how to turn your crap 5th ele into a shimmed damper etc.), or buying a used shock by another company. good luck!