prototype rotecs (pics)


Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2005
I love 'em. That is a great company and good product- wish I had one.

The blue looks bad b/c it's on an onld blue carpet with stains and no decals. Let a photographer who knows a setting and 4 point lighting shoot it and it would look stellar.

Looks like that standard gearbox from gboxx (suntour??).

how much are they "retailing" for with the gboxx??
those frames look soo sick...

yeah, they may look different, but what G or V boxx frame doesnt? the sweep in the top tube seems to be just slightly more extreme than the RL9 and i for one can say that that clearance makes the bike soo insanely flickable and gives you such an insane amount of leg clearance while railing the shiat out of corners or whipping the shiat out of some kicker... it may look "unconventional", but MAN is it an awesome point on the bike!
and to top it off, it has a gearbox...


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
Sully - NICE work man!

I really dig the rear suspension arrangement with respect to the gearbox.

It would be rad to see one of these on the NORBA circuit or even UCI in a year or two.

Even radder: full production.


EDIT: yeah - the swoopy TT looks weird, but it's a proto so... things change.
funny thing is- look at the top tube and then visualize an RL9... all thats missing that makes it look like an extreme turn is the fat gusset and cross-support tube holding the upper pivot...
i looked at mine for awhile(what else is new) and looked at these and then repeated and it all makes sense now...

yeah, full production would be so RAD! these things are beasts! and they can still be built up under 44lbs.! wow, good job Sully!