Purple Haze Fat Tire Festival


Jun 11, 2002

As many of you already have heard; poisonfrog promotions and ecclestone cycle have teamed up to bring you what is sure to be the most fun event of the season; THE Purple Haze Fat Tire Festival, A festivus for the restofus. Book August 18-19 off work right now! This is a weekend long event and is the first in what is sure to be an annual weekend of great riding, good friends, and fun bike games. We have many sponsors on board already and are giving away $1000’s in cash and prizes for all of the events. What are these events you say? Well have a look at our proposed schedule; www.poisonfrog.ca/purplehaze

Friday August 17th
• Night Ride at BuckWallow - 9pm - 11pm (Come and check out some of nite riders new products.
August 18th & 19th

• 8am - 10am Registration
• 10am Welcome to the event. Outline the weekend's schedule.
• 10:30 - 11am Mechanic's Race (change a flat and repair your chain and then sprint 1k for prizes)
• 11:15 - 12am Obstacle Course - Logs & Bogs (with bonus features and teeter totters)
• 12 - 2 pm Skinny Challenge Course (don’t fear folks it’s not high, but it is a long way to earn the prize)
• 2:30pm - 3:30 Technical Hill Climb in Doug's Run (75+ feet of rock filled uber technical climb)
• 4pm - 4:15 Slow Race (That’s right, the last person around the circle wins)
• 4:15 pm Bike Toss (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, uh, not your own bike either)
• 8am - 10am Registration
• 10am - 1pm Poker Ride (5 check points and the best 3 hands win cash, CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
• 1 pm -2pm Awards and Social Hour
• 2 pm Get Out! Go to your Homes!

This is just part of the fun! Their will be an expo area showing off new 2008 products, enjoy the bbq, music and plus many hidden secrets and surprises. All this and much more for a great price of 50$ for the whole weekend, yes that includes the night ride at Buckwallow as well. We will be capping registration for this event in order to have things run smoothly for our first year, so it’s first come first served registration. Register at www.poisonfrog.ca/purplehaze or reply to this email, with the subject, hell ya I want to have a great weekend. If you are unable to race at this event and would like to or know some one who would like to volunteer (meals included) please email lee@poisonfrog.ca
Please us this link to find lodging, or just google campsites. http://ecclestonecycle.com/ride_muskoka_stay.htm
All the best and I am looking forward to seeing you guys and gals there for this awesome first year shindig.

Lee Allen

ps; registration will be open at around 5pm today!
We are also taking suggestions to make this the event even more fun.



Feb 4, 2009
As many of you know poisonfrog promotions started out a little DH team last year, and this year we are looking to expand a little bit.
What we need is one more pro, or stupid fast JRX man or women based in ontario or quebec preferably. Canada Cup, Crank works Ontario and Quebec cups and some bigger US events is where we will be. Yes we will be there to support you.
Here is what we are offering you. Not to mention that you get to ride on a team that is stuffed with good folks that are a blast to hang, race and train with.
First and foremost, you get a frame from Banhsee. The legend MK1 is their new DH race bike and you will be a test pilot for it! Major resume builder. More info here http://bansheebikes.blogspot.com/search/label/Legend
Beer, yes you need to be hydrated, and we have a beer sponsor, not crappy beer either. In fact we have many sponsors this year that are offering lots for our team!


Jan 8, 2011
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