Pushed Vanilla?

Mar 19, 2007
Somers, NY
I have a 00' Fox Vanilla R and i want to get more performance out of my Gemini, but i dont have the $$$ to afford a new rear shock. i recently saw that PUSH has a upgrade for my Vanilla and all ive read is good things about their work.:lighten: i was just wondering if any of you have used any of push's services for your rear shocks, and if you guys out there got any tips for me.
Thanks as always
Sep 23, 2007
i have an 2006 dhx 4.0 serviced by them. they definetly know what they are doing and it's well worth it.

i do not know if there would be a big difference between a van and dhx from them though...
They do various things to different shocks, I had them rebuild a Van and it totally changed the bike, and in a good way. way more platform, better tracking, smoother ride, and much more quality suspension. they do great work on all Fox stuff


Jul 5, 2007
I have my DHX pushed and a buddy of mine has his Van pushed. I would say that it is worth the money to have it reworked to your style, bike and riding weight. It makes all the difference.