race fork repairs

Oct 14, 2007
Quick question, in race type situations what is the most repairs usually done to a fork...

Are oil leaks due to broken oil seal presses frequent or ever happening?

let me know which is the most common repair...


Underwater monkey
Mar 9, 2005
Guess it depends on the fork brand... Some are known for blowing seals, others are known for blowing other seals.

If you think your fork is suspect, just bring a spare?
Would be easier and cleaner to mount a spare than to rip your fork apart in a hurry if you're not sure what's broken.
normal procedures include changing springs and heat shrinking springs for the course (weekly) and changing out dust wipers when needed. if i change the wipers i will change the bath oil at the same time. the only other task that usually happens to race forks is stanchion damage.