Race Report: Cal State Round 3, Fontuckistan


Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
As usual, I didn't practice on saturday. Got there bright and early sunday morning at 7:30, only to find that I'm flying solo on this one, but I knew you guys were there with me in spirit.

First practice run was horrible. Second run was clean, but left me with a feeling of... "that was it???" 2 splits. First was up top, second was after the saddle. No wall btw. Course ended 10ft from the bottom rock garden.

Course highlights:
- little hip jump at the first course reconnect
- a small vert drop (nationals course before saddle)

Course lowlights:
- completely blown out
- 90degree turn in the middle of last rockgarden to the finish
- beginners were posting 2:00 min runs (super short course)

Run 1:
Fell off my line before the drop to the saddle and slid rubber side sideways wayyy off course and wrapped the chain around the crank arm. Passed by 2 riders. The rut sucked me in past the front axle and launched me onto my ass. Passed by another rider.

Run 2:
Cleaned hip jump and drop and was feeling fast and relaxed. Got up the saddle and banged my rear derailleur, bending the cage almost 90deg. Chain locked as I pedaled, and sent me OTB infront of a photog. Thankfully my fail wasn't imortalized. Passed by 3 riders while straightening the cage so I at least get 1 gear. Banged my toe on the OTB. Thought it was broken, glad it wasn't.

Round 4 @ Mammoth... who's goin?