closer to Periwinkle
Apr 19, 2013
sw ontario canada
I like to cook.

It can be pared down to save space if need be but I've got the room and I'm going to be out for a few days I may as well be comfortable and not miserable and not eating crap food.

I mean we have an MSR whisperlite International that works really well but why bring that for car camping when I can have a much better cooking surface off the two burner ancient Coleman?
Yup, leave the whisperlite or dragonfly at home. That be canoe camping gear.

You didn't want to see my car setup when both kids and all their friends came car camping.
20lb propane cylinder with cylinder tree feeding a 2 burner Coleman stove and a Weber Q100 tabletop bbq all with a stupid bright lantern on top of the tree. :busted:

Even with that full out, dinner for 10 took a bit.


Tool Time!
Feb 17, 2002
Nowhere Man!
My Coleman camp stove is the perfect stove. It easily transports. Its clean and safe. I have the old school white gas suitcase version. I bought it at Kmart when I was in school. If I buy a few more gallons of white gas I am good for another 30 years....