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Jul 26, 2006
sent to me from friends driving on 395 near Lee Vining ( just north of 120 going into Yosemite by Mono Lake)

bend over cause there isn't another station for 50-60 miles

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1. You have a demand for fuel, because there is no other fuel for 50 miles each way.
2. They have the only supply of fuel for 50 miles each way.

If you're low on fuel and can't make it 50 miles each way, you MUST buy fuel there. It's absolute demand with no market competition. They do not have to bend on their pricing at all.

But! They are limited as to how much they can charge because govt rules in place around gouging. Stupid govt regulations impacting the free market and profits of private companies.

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Feb 3, 2004
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I imagine that instead of filling up some people only buy enough to get to the next station, due to the gouging. But the majority are probably suckers like me who would rather pay too much than deal with stopping again so soon.


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Apr 5, 2008
I just got Diesel today. It was (converted) 6.54 $/gal, which was cheaper than the rest of the week. Maybe this is why we do not see so many brodozers here?