Rasmus Henning goes Kona points hunting in 70.3 Norway

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Sunday July 8th Danish triathlete Rasmus Henning is back racing after Ironman Texas 7 weeks ago. Henning still needs point for the Kona Pro Rankings so he is in top-40 by August 1 where the first deadline is set. Rasmus is currently ranked as number 40 but with all the races this summer Henning will compete at two 70.3 events in July: 70.3 Haugesund, Norway on Sunday and 70.3 Calgary on Sunday July 29th. Both have 500 KPR points for a first place finish he has 3,440 point now.</p><p>
"I'm ranked 40 now so I think I will need a podium or two in these next two races to get my slot for Ironman Hawaii by August 1st. I have never raced in Norway before but have been there many times during the winter. I'm sure the Norwegian fjords and the landscape will be beautiful so I look forward to racing here. My former rival at ITU racing, Filip Ospaly is the favorite for this race and he beat Andreas Raelert in a 70.3 race a few weeks back. I have beaten Ospaly many times in Olympic distance racing but I have had a mid season break with low training intensity in June to recover from Ironman Texas so I'm not at my best fitness level at the moment. I have started training more again these past few weeks but as I'm to peak again in three months (October 12) it's only natural that I'm not at my best just now. I would say that I should have the level to reach the podium and that's my aim here in Norway," says Henning.</p><p>
Another 70.3 race in Canada to seal the deal</p><p>
"I'm sure that I will be in better shape in three weeks time for 70.3 Calgary and I hope to make my Hawaii slot safe after this race," Rasmus Henning says. Podium finishes in both races should put Henning in top-25 and almost certainly staying within the top-40 by August 1.</p><p>
The start of 70.3 Haugesund is Sunday July 8th at 8am local time. Athlete tracker is available at ironmanlive.com</p>