Rear air shock pressures?


Dec 19, 2007
Baltimore, MD/Morgantown, WV
So I've maybe neglected my rear shock a little bit over the years and don't remember which chamber is supposed to be at what pressures. I know one chamber is supposed to be 10-20 lbs higher than your body weight, but I don't remember which chamber is which, or what the pressure in the other chamber should be.

It's a Rock Shox SID rear air shock, I think 2001-ish on a Giant NRS. I'd really appreciate any help since my shock almost grounds out on small hits.

Sep 1, 2007
16 powers st BKLN NY
For the 2001 SID shock, the positive chamber is at the upper end of the canister and the negative chamber is at the lower end of the caniser where the shaft enters the canister body.
With the NRS fill the upper chamber to your body weight then increase/decrease pressure until you have the desired static sag (sitting still on the bike). Then go out for a ride with the negative chamber filled to 20psi lower than the positive chamber. Add or subtract air to the negative chamber to increase or decrease (respectively) the activeness of the shock in the first third or so of the shock stroke. Good luck!