Reba vs Steel vs Carbon


Chocolate Milk Doug
May 15, 2002
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I have a Moncog and an El Mariachi, each has a steel fork and I have a poploc Reba that I have taht sees duty on both bikes.

Anyone have experience w/a carbon fork, your thoughts on it compared to a reba or a steel fork?

I am looking at Origin 8 Carbon Fiber 29er Disk Fork or White Brothers 29er Rock Solid Rigid Carbon Fork

*A couple of the races I did last year I had the Reba locked out 75% of the time - So I am wondering how'd the bike handle/weight advantage if I used a carbon fork for those type races/rides*


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Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Doug - the Origin 8 and WB are essentially one and the same fork. However I becha you'd save a hundred or more with the Origin8 (especially through Bikeman).

Have a look see at the On One Carbon fork as well.


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Oct 2, 2001
Northern Va.

The carbon is in between the steel and the reba. It is softer/more compliant than that of the steel. I have ridden the vicious steel fork and the white bros carbon and the white bros is noticeably smoother. The downside is you can really see the flex when pushed, which sketches me out some since I come from a DH background but my buddy has been rocking/beating a white bros for a year now and is like 190 and has had no problems.

Been Dhing anymore?


Dec 23, 2005
I went from an 80mm reba to the origin8 carbon -- purchased at bikeman. After learning that the wb and origin8 are same-o-same it was a no-brainer. Like you, there have been times when I found the poploc still locked at the bottom of a descent. D'oh!

I'm 46, so my not as young body does miss the squish at times but not too much. I like the fact that I was able to drop some weight from the bike. Every little bit helps on the ss. It's a fisher rig.

I find that on descents I'm having to pay much more attention to body position and being relaxed/smooth as the carbon fork is less forgiving of errors in these areas. I chalk this up to good dh skills practice.

I don't spend a lot of time looking at the fork while descending (!) so won't comment on that. I will say that on more than one occasion I've gotten a weird noise from the front brake that I'd attribute to the rotational flex of the fork. It happens when grinding up around a switchback. As I hit the apex of the turn, when I'm standing, exerting a lot of force on the pedals, and maximum twist is being exerted on the fork, it sounds as if the rotor scrubs the brake caliper a bit. It doesn't happen every time and doesn't go on and on, it's just a quick sound/sensation. Hasn't killed me yet...

I probably weigh about 190-195 with gear.

I hope that this helps.