rebound damping problem with marzocchi Z1 FR QR20


Jun 15, 2008
So my problem was adjusting the rebound damp, I always thought that I had to adjust it with the ETA knob, but I just realize that I was wrong because the rebound adjustment its on the right leg and when I turn the adjuster its feels endless and it doesn’t make any difference, the fork it’s a marzocchi Z1 FR QR20 year 2004 and I bought it with a used bike, the bike works great and that’s the only problem that I`m having, and it sucks because there`s no a marzocchi service in town, not even in the country hehe anyways thanks guys


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Aug 8, 2005
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Basically, the rebound know on that fork, is attached to a needle, which sits over a port. The closer it is to closed, the slower the rebound. If I remember correctly, the needle assembly, was able to seperate just below the top of the spring. Basically right where you would put the wrench to dissamble the assembly to change the spring. If that seperates, then your knob is no longer attached to the needle.

Sorry best I can explain without having it right in front of me.

To check it, take the right side topcap loose, and if you can remove it without the spring, there is your problem, question is.... Did it just come undone, or did it strip out