Recovery suggestions?


talks too much
Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
Anyone have suggestions on recovering from hard rides? Basically, I've had a lot of free time lately, which means a lot of riding. Most of my rides aren't terribly long, but I go pretty hard. The result has been that my legs are sore all the time now and I feel a little tired on nearly every ride. The whole summer has been intense, but for about the last 1.5 months, I've ridden, hiked or gone to the gym for cardio/weights probably 6 days a week average (in addition to lots of manual labor at my house after I quit "real" work).

I know that the intensity of the rides is an issue and I know I am not drinking or eating enough during rides (working on it, but exercise makes me not really want either). I'm not racing right now or training for anything and most of my rides are solo (so keeping up isn't a problem...), but I just don't like the extra pain. I often end up cutting rides short because I can't keep going as long as I feel I should if I were fresh.

It's getting annoying. Any ideas?

On the plus side, I've dropped almost 15 lbs this summer and improved my pedaling form considerably.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 16, 2004
Sounds like you're over training.

I would start by taking a rest week. No riding, no gym, no hiking, no nothing. Except maybe some stretching.

Then when you start up again make sure you're getting at least one good rest day per week and two would be better. Also make sure you're getting plenty to eat and drink, and that you sleep enough.

Do a search on rest for training and you'll get plenty of information on it.


Aug 11, 2005
Like Bean said, Rest is definitely an important part of the equation.

2 Other things that can help, Sport Legs and the Magnificent Mobility DVD. Its a bit pricey at $50 but well worth it for anyone who is serious about any type of training be it strength conditioning in the gym or long hard riding.



the teste
Nov 22, 2002
Proper hydration and eating during and after a rides can significantly improve recovery. Taking a few days off is also important. You may want to also consider recovery rides. A short low intensity ride that is basically intended to increase blood flow to your legs without stressing them.


Aug 27, 2007
Try beer... lots of beer. It will make you feel great.

Actually, a new study showed that taking a shower and alternating cold and hot water, it more effective at relieving post-working muscle soreness than IBProfin (Sep Men’s Health)

Also, stay away from those muscle relaxing rubs… all those do is irritate the skin, so it FEELS like its warm, but it doesn’t sick down deep enough to really affect your muscles.

I stretch everyday. It keeps me limber. Try some yoga stretches too, they really work! But at LEAST a day off, if not two a week it key. Also enough sleep and water is important too. If you never let your body rest you will never see any gains.