Red Bull No Limits.


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Feb 3, 2002
Over there somewhere.
Anyone going to watch it?

Robbie Madison attempting 100' step up on a motorcycle then a 50' drop down.

And Rhys Millen attempting to backflip a trophy truck.
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Dec 1, 2006
Denver, CO
ESPN, Millen completed the flip, but couldn't drive away from it.
This is going to be so badass!!!!!!
I am actually kind of nervous, there is a SERIOUS injury potential here.
Thanks for reminding me.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 19, 2004
Rangers Lead the Way
Rhys back flip didn't really impress me all that much, it was cool, but just didn't have me sitting of the edge of my sit.

One thing that I really didn't understand was when the announcer kept stating that their was no way for Rhys to practice the landing. He could only practice landing into cardboard boxes. I would think that after you're pretty sure that you have the rotation down, you could have built and dirt landing and get it dialed in. This is not a dis' on Rhys, he is an awesome drift and stunt driver.

Robbie's stunt did have me on the edge, it was a pretty sic stunt. The drop in was definitely more tricky then the step up, when they showed the view looking down, my wife asked if I could do that. I told her sure I could, if I was 20 years younger, had MUCH BIGGER balls, and and had a group of wild-brain-eating-zombies chasing me.

I thought for a fraction of a second when he landed and rebounded, he was going to loose it, it was a very impressive save.


Feb 14, 2003
I had that same sense of dread, like with Pastrana's double backflip, that I'd witness a guy die on live TV. Then he pulled it off and I jumped off my couch and joined in the F-bombs.


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Dec 18, 2004
spokane, WA
looked like he f-ed his hand up pretty bad... he had a big gash on his hand, kinda looked like a compound fracture. it was funny, they interviewed him and he was definatly in need of some medical attention.