Red Bull Road Rage


Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2002
Grand Haven, MI
Just got this. Someone's going to get waxxed at this race.

> The Red Bull Road Rage will take place November 5 in Malibu,
> California. Riders will battle down a paved road that leads up to one
> of MBA's old motocross practice tracks at Tuna Canyon. Tuna Canyon is
> a highly technical, one lane, European-style descent that drops 2000
> feet over two miles. Twenty-five of the best riders in the world will
> be invited, and world-class athletes such as George Hincapie, Brian
> Lopes, John Tomac, Eric Carter and David Clinger are among the top
> invitees.Red Bull is looking to set a benchmark by deciding for the
> first time who is the fastest road bike descender. Giant Bicycle, who
> is only on the other side of the Malibu Mountains, will co-sponsor the
> event.
> Traditional road bikes with 700c wheels and drop bars must be used.
> There will be no minimum weight limit and disc brakes, skin suits,
> padding, and wider tires are all allowed. Safety in this event is the
> number one priority, and Red Bull will have double barriers with
> padding set up at some of the more difficult corners.
> On November 5, riders will line up in random order to take a seeding
> run on the course, which will determine the order in which they leave
> the start gate for their final run. Slowest rider leaves first,
> leaving the fastest rider to be last down the course. Riders will be
> spaced in one minute increments or more if the officials deem it
> necessary. The winner will be crowned the fastest descender on a road
> bike. There is a $3500 prize purse for the top three riders, as well
> as guaranteed, worldwide glory from all the media on hand.
> That's only the first half of the competition. Next we will test the
> riders' downhill ability while in a pack. The top 16 riders from the
> last race will line up in heats of four, with the top two riders in
> each heat advancing. After three times down the hill, the fastest man
> in a crowd will be crowned. There's a $1500 prize for first; second
> place is the first loser.
> The awards ceremony and Afterburner Party will be held at 7 p.m. the
> evening of race day. Red Bull will host a party that only they are
> famous for delivering.
> For more information contact: Steve Boehmke at 714.633.9955;
> chunkyflyrite@aol.com


Celebrating No-Pants Day
Aug 25, 2003
In my pants
Thanks for putting that up.

That sounds freakin awesome. Tomac and Lopes can pull out their old 100 tooth chainrings that have been sitting around rusting since the Kamikaze days. :D


Pig my fish!
Staff member
May 23, 2002
Descending on a road bike? I know they're "serious athletes," but what about Lancester and the rest? THAT would be sweet to watch.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 9, 2004
Yikes....should be a blast to watch....they need to Invite Sean Yates to come outta retirement and race...that guy was a psycho decender in the Tour.